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Why Athletes Need to Slow Down and Do More Zone 2 Training | #30 ft. Sean Seale


In this episode, I talk with Coach Sean Seale from Upside Strength. He discusses his background in coaching and how his approach has evolved over the years. We emphasize the importance of bridging the gap between science and training, and the need for coaches to understand the individual needs and preferences of their athletes. We also highlight the benefits of cycling as a training modality and the importance of considering the demands of training in addition to the demands of the sport. We conclude by discussing the importance of balancing intensity and volume in training programs.

This conversation explores the importance of balancing fatigue and recovery in training. It emphasizes the need to find the right balance between accumulating fatigue and allowing for adequate recovery. The discussion also delves into the concept of zone 2 training and its benefits for performance improvement. It highlights the significance of identifying zone 2 boundaries and provides practical methods for implementing zone 2 training into a training plan. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of incorporating lower intensity training and daily physical activity for optimal performance and overall health


1) Understanding the individual needs and preferences of athletes is crucial for effective coaching.

2) Cycling is an underutilized training modality that can yield great benefits for athletes in various sports.

3) Training programs should consider the demands of training in addition to the demands of the sport.

4) Balancing intensity and volume is key to optimizing performance and preventing overtraining.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

01:30 Getting into Coaching

03:00 Bridging the Gap Between Science and Training

08:00 Coaching Approach and Collaboration

10:40 Evolution of Coaching Approach

17:00 Introduction to CrossFit

21:30 Assessments and Testing

25:00 Benefits of Cycling

32:00 Importance of Training Demands

38:30 Balancing Intensity and Volume

39:21 Balancing Fatigue and Recovery

48:43 Identifying Zone 2 Boundaries

57:23 The Importance of Zone 2 Training

01:01:13 The Benefits of Going Easier

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