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Mobile Physiology Lab

If you are a serious athlete and don't engage in regular physiology testing you are leaving performance on the table! The Critical Oxygen Mobile Physiology Lab is designed to bring physiological testing and assessment directly to you. The lab offers cutting-edge technology that allows the evaluation of whole-body oxygen consumption, heart rate, core body temperature, and muscle oxygen saturation levels. 

Limiter Assessment


Every athlete is limited by some level of their physiology! This assessment is designed to determine your greatest limiting factor. We use this to prescribe interventions to overcome this limiter. 


Maximal Exercise Test

Maximal exercise test (VO2max) is the classic exercise physiology test that allows us to understand the size of your engine (VO2max), how efficient it is (economy), and where you start to redline (thresholds).


Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) will determine how many calories you burn at rest. We can use this number in conjunction with how much activity you do to understand how many calories you burn daily!



VO2 Master

VO2 Master is an ultra portable oxygen analyzer capable of determining whole-body oxygen uptake and many pulmonary variables during exercise.

Moxy Monitor

Moxy Monitor a NIRS device capable of determining local oxygen kinetics during exercise which can be used to interpret physiological stress within the muscle.


CORE Body temperature monitor determines your skin and core body temperature during exercise, this is especially important for races in warm environments.

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Interested in booking an assessment?

Shoot me a message and we will make it happen!

NOTE: I offer discounted rates to gyms/coaches who want to test multiple athletes.

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