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How to Improve your Sleep and Fueling to Recover Better! | #39 ft. Aaron Geiser


In this episode of the Critical Oxygen podcast, Aaron and I discuss the importance of recovery for optimizing athletic performance. We emphasize the role of sleep and nutrition in the recovery process, highlighting the need for adequate sleep duration and quality, as well as sufficient protein intake. We hosts also explore individualized recovery strategies and the use of tools such as cold plunges and saunas. we provide practical tips for creating a bedtime routine and optimizing sleep environment.


1) Recovery is a crucial aspect of optimizing athletic performance.

2) Adequate sleep duration (at least 7 hours) and quality are essential for effective recovery.

3) Individualized recovery strategies should be implemented based on personal needs and preferences.

4) Proper nutrition, including sufficient protein intake, plays a vital role in the recovery process.

5) Supplementing with whey protein or casein protein can help if you struggle to get enough protein from whole foods.

6) Eating patterns, such as consuming more calories earlier in the day and smaller meals before bedtime, could improve sleep quality.

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00:00 Introduction to Recovery

03:41 The Importance of Sleep and Nutrition in Recovery

05:03 Individualized Recovery Strategies

07:27 The Impact of Sleep on Recovery

09:22 Using HRV for Training Data

10:49 The Benefits of Optimizing Sleep

12:14 Creating a Bedtime Routine

14:38 The Use of Tools for Sleep Improvement

16:02 Foundational Aspects of Recovery

18:00 The Importance of Light and Temperature

20:25 Creating a Wind-Down Routine

23:12 The Benefits of Cold Plunge and Sauna

26:00 The Impact of Alcohol on Sleep

27:52 The Pitfalls of Sleep Tracking Devices

30:14 The Role of Nutrition in Recovery

33:00 Considerations for Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

45:00 The Importance of Protein Intake

52:54 Importance of Protein Intake

56:03 Protein Targets and Muscle Protein Synthesis

57:29 Eating Patterns and Sleep Quality

59:06 Next Week: Advanced Tactics for Recovery

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