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You Shouldn't be Training like the Pros! | #24 ft. Aaron Geiser

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In this episode, I am joined by Coach Aaron Geiser where we discuss the desire to train like a professional athlete and the challenges that come with it. We emphasize the importance of individualized training and the role of science in making training decisions. We also discuss the limitations of emulating professional athletes and the challenges of managing stress and recovery. We emphasize discuss the role of pro athletes as motivation and how to use their training methods as inspiration while still being realistic about your own abilities.


1) Training like a professional athlete may not be appropriate or realistic for most individuals, especially considering their current fitness level and time commitments.

2) Individualized training, based on scientific principles and guided by a coach, is essential for optimal progress and performance.

3) The lifestyle and support systems of professional athletes are often different from those of age groupers, making direct emulation challenging.

4) Social media can create unrealistic expectations and misconceptions about training intensity and volume.

5) Focus on short-term goals to stay motivated and make progress.

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00:00 Introduction and Setting the Topic

01:16 The Desire to Train Like a Pro

02:03 Success at Ironman Florida

03:23 The Value of Face-to-Face Time with Athletes

03:53 First Professional Ironman Race

04:25 The Importance of a Calm and Stable Coach

05:47 Controlling the Moment and Adapting to External Factors

06:01 Internal Locus of Control and Responding to External Factors

07:26 The Role of a Coach in Calming Nerves and Providing Stability

08:18 Other Athletes' Performances at Ironman Florida

09:13 Challenges of Swimming in Congested Waters

09:55 The Experience of Being Stung by Jellyfish

10:55 Managing Unexpected Challenges During a Race

12:30 Preparing for and Responding to Jellyfish Stings

13:35 The Influence of Social Media on Training Expectations

16:14 The Desire to Emulate Professional Athletes

18:04 The Importance of Individualized Training

19:15 The Role of Science in Training Decision-Making

22:04 The Importance of Progressive Training

23:31 The Realistic Progression of Training Volume

25:11 Balancing Training Volume with Other Life Commitments

27:09 The Limitations of Emulating Professional Athletes

29:29 The Importance of a Support Team for Professional Athletes

31:45 The Complexity of Training and the Influence of Social Media

36:39 The Challenges of Managing Stress and Recovery

38:39 The Influence of Social Media and the Desire for Hard Workouts

41:30 The Misconception of Professional Athletes' Training Intensity

43:01 The Importance of Considering Individual Circumstances in Training

43:26 Focusing on Short-Term Goals

48:54 Controlling What You Can Control

51:40 Using Pro Athletes as Motivation

53:46 Starting with Small Steps

57:24 Teaching Fundamentals and Goal Setting

57:56 Appreciating Positive Feedback

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