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What is the Best Protocol for Improving VO2max? | #33 ft. Aaron Geiser

Updated: Feb 28


In this episode of the Critical Oxygen podcast, Aaron Geiser and I discuss VO2max protocols and how to make aerobic development fun. We address misconceptions about VO2 max and the importance of individualized training. We also explore different breathing techniques that may be able to improve performance and discuss the various VO2max protocols available.

In this episode, we discuss various aspects of VO2max training. We emphasize the importance of considering research and the specific needs of individual athletes when designing training programs. We also discuss adjusting output levels based on interval duration and the importance of recovery. The conversation touches on block periodization and making intelligent training decisions. The episode concludes with a teaser for the next episode, which will focus on making aerobic development more enjoyable.


1) Consider the research and the specific needs of individual athletes when designing VO2max training programs.

2) Adjust output levels based on the duration of intervals to ensure appropriate intensity.

3) Recovery is crucial for high-intensity training, and easy aerobic workouts can aid in the recovery process.

4) Make intelligent training decisions based on your own fitness level and goals, rather than blindly following popular training methods.

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00:00 Introduction and Misconceptions about VO2 Max

19:58 Breathing Techniques for Improved Performance

22:20 Different VO2 Max Protocols

32:43 Individualized Approach to VO2 Max Training

45:15 Considerations for VO2 Max Training

51:04 Improving Oxygen Uptake and Research Considerations

53:25 Adjusting Output Levels for Different Interval Durations

55:22 Tailoring Training to Individual Needs

57:42 Maintaining Mental and Physical Energy

59:09 Importance of Recovery and Contextual Training

01:00:39 Considerations for Block Periodization

01:01:36 Making Intelligent Training Decisions

01:02:32 Context and Content in Training

01:03:00 Teaser for Next Week: Making Aerobic Development Fun

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