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The Importance of Movement Efficiency in Crossfit | #8 ft. Andy St. Germain

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In this episode Andy St. Germain and I talk about predictors of performance in endurance sport and how they relate to Crossfit. We also touch on the most important predictor of performance for Crossfit.


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0:00 – Introduction

1:01 – CrossFit as an Endurance Sport

3:00 – Importance of Endurance Training

5:42 – Balancing High Intensity and Endurance

9:44 – The Importance of Consistency

13:25 – Slow Down and Absorb Training

15:06 – Predictors of Performance in CrossFit

19:05 – Efficiency of Movement

21:27 – Building Efficiency in CrossFit

27:07 – The Role of VO2 Max and Threshold

32:42 – Genetic Factors in Athletic Potential

36:37 – Developing Coordination and Movement Efficiency

39:56 – Zone Two Training and Efficiency

41:00 - Outro

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