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How to Set Better Endurance Performance Goals | #27 ft. Aaron Geiser

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In this episode of the Critical Oxygen podcast, Coach Aaron Geiser and I discuss goal setting and how it impacts training. We emphasize the importance of setting SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. We also discuss the difference between outcome goals and process goals, and how both can be effective in motivating athletes. We share our own personal goals and how they shape their training plans. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of setting goals that are challenging yet achievable, and how they can drive progress and improvement in athletic performance. In this conversation,


1) Measure intensity and choose workouts based on your current abilities and goals.

2) Progress gradually towards long-term goals to avoid injury and ensure consistent improvement.

3) Align your training with your specific goals and prioritize the events that will help you reach those goals.

4) Set clear and realistic goals to stay focused and motivated, and regularly reassess and adjust them as needed.

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00:00 Introduction to goal setting

1:14 Recovery from 70.3 Race and Off-Season Training Overview

4:23 Focus on Run Training and Mileage

6:09 Cycling Training Overview: V2 Max Workouts

9:41 Strength Training Differentiation: Paddle Work in Swimming

12:07 Recovery Between VO2 Max Sets and Post-Set Recovery

15:06 Adjusting Efforts and Adaptation During Workouts

19:25 Realistic Approaches and Adjustments for High-Intensity Workouts

21:48 Personal goals and training

38:44 Outcome goals vs. process goals

46:40 SMART goals

50:59 Measuring Intensity and Choosing Workouts

52:28 Progressing Towards Long-Term Goals

53:51 Aligning Goals with Training

55:19 Specificity of Training for Different Events

57:41 The Importance of Goal Setting

58:11 Maintaining Focus and Reaching Priorities

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