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Coaching/Physiology Listener Questions and Answers Part 1 | #31 ft. Aaron Geiser

Updated: Feb 28


In this episode of the Critical Oxygen podcast, Aaron Geiser and I answer listener questions about endurance development, periodization, and training in a fasted state. We discuss the importance of balancing volume and intensity in training, and how to structure a long training cycle. We also explore the use of heart rate and watts for training, and the benefits and considerations of training in a fasted state for fat burning.

Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of individual context and goals in designing an effective training program. The conversation covers topics related to fueling before, during, and after workouts, the importance of calorie deficit/maintenance, body weight and body fat percentage, the diversity of body types in triathlon, factors to consider for ideal race weight, assessing wellness and performance, weight as a factor in long course triathlon, and the Zwift long ride as a community platform.



1) Proper fueling before, during, and after workouts is crucial for performance and recovery.

2) Being in a calorie deficit for extended periods can lead to self-cannibalization and hinder performance.

3) Body weight and body fat percentage should be considered in the context of overall health and performance.

4) Triathlon is a sport that embraces diversity of body types, and success is not limited to a specific ideal body weight or body fat percentage.

5 )Assessing wellness and performance through factors like mood, recovery, and nutrition is more important than focusing solely on weight.

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00:00 Introduction and Listener Questions

02:18 The Importance of Volume and Intensity for Endurance Development

06:11 Periodizing a Long Training Cycle

13:41 Using Heart Rate and Wattage for Training

17:28 Periodizing a 12-Month Training Cycle

21:35 The Specific Phase of Training

23:56 Tapering and Competition Phase

30:13 Training in a Fasted State and Fat Burning

52:33 Fueling before, during, and after workouts

55:37 The importance of calorie deficit

56:34 Body weight and body fat percentage

59:31 Diversity of body types in triathlon

01:00:54 Factors to consider for ideal race weight

01:04:30 Assessing wellness and performance

01:07:58 Weight as a factor in long course triathlon

01:09:17 Zwift long ride as a community platform

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