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Exercise Physiology for Coaches and Athletes

The human body undergoes MASSIVE changes in response to acute and chronic exercise training. Understanding HOW the body responds gives us the ability to understand WHY exercise training is so important and WHAT we can do to maximize adaptations.

This course will teach you just that! I am looking for AT LEAST 15 interested Coaches and Athletes to attend this 6 week course (live zoom classes once per week for 2 hours), starting the first week of July. 

Exercise Physiology Tailored to YOU!

I love exercise physiology! And every coach and athlete who wants to start to optimize their training should have a deeper understanding of what happens to our body when we exercise acutely and when we train. Over the past 4 years I have taught over 300+ university students college level exercise physiology. Now I want to bring that learning environment to you! 


One of the major differences between this course and a university course is that this course takes classic university exercise physiology but tailors it directly to endurance coaches and athletes with one of the main goals being teaching you how to TRANSLATE everything you learn directly to your coaching or training approach. 


This course synthesizes everything I learned from my education and teaching experience and presents the theoretical AND applied physiological knowledge that will help you understand how the body responds to an acute training session and chronic endurance training! 

Learning Objectives!


Week #1
Why Exercise
is a Stress.

Week #4
Muscle and Bioenergetic Changes to Training.

Week #2
Acute Stress of Exercise on the Muscle.

Week #5
Lung and Heart
Changes to Training

Week #3
Transport and Delivery of Oxygen and Substrate.

Week #6
Physiology of Heat and Altitude.

Learning Enviroment!

LIVE ZOOM CLASSES - This course will be held LIVE on ZOOM every Wednesday for 6 weeks. This will give you the opportunity to ask me questions and get a more in-depth experience. **There won’t be any required reading (you should get all the information necessary for this course within the lectures) BUT I will link to open access articles where more information might be nice.


Google Classroom – The course will be hosted on Google Classroom (link sent out later). Each week’s lecture will be recorded and posted on the google classroom site so you can review as needed.

The google classroom will also act as a forum to ask questions and turn in assignments (all of them are optional but will greatly help your ability to talk about these topics). This will also be where I make announcements and communicate with the Class.

IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND the live lectures, that is not a big deal, you will still be able to watch the lectures and complete the assignments at your own pace!

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