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What is Strength Running? | #36 ft. Jason Fitzgerald from @StrengthRunning


In this episode of the Critical Oxygen podcast, I am joined by Jason Fitzgerald, a world class running coach and founder of Strength Running. We discuss the importance of consistency and specificity in training, the balance between easy and hard workouts, and the role of VO2 max in endurance performance. We also highlight the principles of endurance training, including consistency, specificity, and progression. In this conversation, we discuss various aspects of training for endurance runners. We cover topics such as capacity vs utilization workouts, strategic racing and training, balancing hard and easy days, and the importance of strength training.


1) Consistency and specificity are key principles in endurance training.

2) Balancing easy and hard workouts is important for optimal performance.

3) The role of VO2 max in endurance performance depends on individual context.

4) Effective endurance training requires consistency, specificity, and progression.

5) Capacity workouts (lactate threshold and slower) build your body's ability to run more and do harder training in the future.

6) Utilization workouts (VO2max/intervals) helps you improve your physiology with the fitness you already have.

7) Strategic racing and training involves saving your best performances for key races and using threshold workouts to build capacity throughout the season.

8) Balancing hard and easy days is crucial for maintaining physical and mental well-being.

9) Strength training is beneficial for endurance runners and should include a combination of 2 times per week of heavier weightlifting and plyometrics, with bodyweight exercises on the other days.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

07:16 Jason Fitzgerald's Background and Training Philosophy

13:31 Consistency and Specificity in Training

18:17 The Importance of Easy and Hard Workouts

25:30 The Role of VO2 Max and Individual Context

41:36 Principles of Effective Endurance Training

49:25 Capacity vs Utilization Workouts

54:10 Strategic Racing and Training

56:06 Balancing Hard and Easy Days

59:18 The Importance of Strength Training

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