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How to Set Up Your Race Season to Avoid Burnout | #22 ft. Aaron Geiser

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In this episode Coach Aaron Geiser and I discuss the influence of factors like nutrition, rest, and recovery on athletic performance throughout a racing season. We emphasize strategies to prevent burnout, manage stress, and strategically plan race schedules. Addressing the pitfalls of over-racing, we explore the impact on athletes' physical and mental well-being, advocating for selecting races wisely. We delve into stress management, highlighting the need for a holistic approach in handling various stressors, including training stress and household dynamics. We provide encouragement for seeking mentorship and learning from experienced individuals emerges as a key theme, emphasizing the value of gaining insights to accelerate learning and overcome challenges efficiently.


1) Strategic Race Planning: Balancing race frequency is crucial to prevent burnout and optimize performance.

2) Stress Management: Acknowledging and managing different stressors holistically is vital for overall well-being and athletic success.

3) Balancing Training and Household Dynamics: Open communication and support between partners/family members are essential for athletes managing training stress.

4) Seeking Mentorship: Learning from experienced mentors expedites learning and problem-solving, offering valuable insights for growth.

5) Avoiding Over-Racing: Racing less, planning thoughtfully, and seeking guidance can prevent burnout, sustain enthusiasm, and maintain a passion for triathlon.

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0:00 – Introduction and Racing Season Overview

4:45 – Early Season Burnout and Planning

10:06 – Pitfalls of Over-Racing

13:45 – Factors Influencing Race Frequency

18:03 – Training Through Early Season Races

21:56 – Discipline and Race Strategy

22:48 - Understanding Stress and Recovery

25:05 - Managing Different Stressors

27:04 - Stress Management for Functionality

32:02 - Strategic Race Season Planning

36:05 - Partner and Household Support

39:09 - Training, Stress, and Relationships

42:32 - Seeking Advice and Mentorship

45:08 - Accelerated Learning Through Mentorship

46:13 – Learning from Giants and Problem Solving

47:23 – The Dangers of Over Racing and Burnout

50:52 – Taking a Step Back and Planning Your Season

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