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Breathing Better for Endurance Performance | #23 ft. Luke Way and Dr. Andrew Sellars

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In this episode, I am joined by Luke Way and Dr. Andrew Sellers to discuss respiratory muscle training and the Breatheway device. We explore the importance of training the respiratory system and how it can impact performance. We also discuss the limitations of the respiratory system and how respiratory muscle training can help overcome them. Overall, we provide valuable insights into the importance of respiratory muscle training for optimizing athletic potential.


1) Respiratory muscle training is an important aspect of optimizing athletic performance.

2) The respiratory system can be a limiting factor in performance, and training the respiratory muscles can help overcome these limitations.

3) Slow, deep breathing can have a positive impact on heart rate and overall performance.

4) Assessments such as spirometry and VO2 testing can determine the need for respiratory training.

5) Functional power and total volume are important factors to consider in respiratory assessments.


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00:00 Introduction to Respiratory Muscle Training

03:02 Understanding the Respiratory System and its Limitations

12:30 The Journey of Developing the Breatheway Device

19:20 The Role of Respiratory Muscles in Performance

25:05 The Importance of Training the Respiratory System

32:09 The Respiratory Metaboreflex and its Impact on Performance

36:02 The Difficulty of Breathing and its Effect on Performance

39:19 The Benefits of Slow Breathing and its Impact on Heart Rate

40:31 The Feedback Cycle between Breathing and Anxiety

41:31 Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

42:23 Assessments for Respiratory Training

46:59 Training Recommendations based on Assessments

49:13 Mission Statement: Helping People Breathe Better

50:09 Contact Information

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